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Stay In China - 留在中国

The Chinese Culture Centre provides a bridge for South African students to study at Chinese Universities in China. We are in partnership with over 600 Chinese universities who are eager for foreign students. The Chinese Culture Centre offers bursaries for top qualifing students as well as other serveral other discounts on accomodation, food and other resources given out depending on students promise of success and good academic results. With us, South African students are looked after in both SA and China, and are provided with an experience that best suites South African students studying abroad!

What we offer - 我们提供什么

An internationally recognised, high-quality degree of choice, studied in English, accomodated by a sound study enviroment, stimulating student experiences and close student communications. South African students studying in China have the ablity to manage their studies effectivly while also enjoying a vibrant student adventure through China, assured by the planning and care that the Chinese Culture Centre provides.

What To Expect - 可以期待什么

The Chinese Culture Centre offers intimate communicationa and consultation for students interested in studying at Chinese universities. Students fill out a standard Chinese university application form, and after discussing the feild of study that the student wishes to persue, the Chinese Culture Centre seeks out the best suiting degree and university for that student. The Chinese Cullture Centre communicates to the university and reports back to the student on which universities are willing to offer him/her a place of enrollement, or a possible full or partial bursary. Chinese Culture Centre personal consult with the student on the best suiting university and degree, considering the students requirements and reservations. Students who are accepted into Chinese universities can then rely on the Chinese Culture Centre to guide them through the the transition to the Chinese university, afterwhich further communication is held between the Chinese Culture Centre and the students to ensure that South African students eperience a problem and risk free academic career.