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    Study In China

    Would you like to exprience the opportunity to study in china? We provide a bridging experience, to give students a chance to study in china.
    Our mission is to introduce Chinese culture to South African people and to promote the understanding and friendship between South African people and Chinese people by offering various cultural/educational classes and activities with schools and all other kinds of community organizations.
    “We provide skills development programs to South African’s, looking to experience studying opportunities in China.”

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    Variety of Courses

    We have a range of courses available for students in and around south africa, looking to experience life and study oppertunities in China.

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    Internationally Accredited Institutions

    Have the oppertunity to study in an internationally accredited institution, based in china, while also getting the benifit of being able to gain experience, doing internships as well.

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About Us

The Chinese Culture Centre is South Africa’s leading official Chinese Institution. An Authorised Confucius Classroom approved by both the Chinese and South African Governments and their respected Education Departments, The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Hanban (China’s official National office for teaching Chinese as a foreign language) and various South African Governmental Departments including: The Department of Basic Education, The Department of International Relations and Cooperation, The Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Statistics South Africa.

The Chinese Culture Centre offers intimate communicationa and consultation for students interested in studying at Chinese universities. Students fill out a standard Chinese university application form, and after discussing the feild of study that the student wishes to persue, the Chinese Culture Centre seeks out the best suiting degree and university for that student. The Chinese Cullture Centre communicates to the university and reports back to the student on which universities are willing to offer him/her a place of enrollement, or a possible full or partial bursary. Chinese Culture Centre personal consult with the student on the best suiting university and degree, considering the students requirements and reservations. Students who are accepted into Chinese universities can then rely on the Chinese Culture Centre to guide them through the the transition to the Chinese university, afterwhich further communication is held between the Chinese Culture Centre and the students to ensure that South African students eperience a problem and risk free academic career.

Why Us


"Technology is one of the sectors our courses cover."


"We have a range of Teaching courses."


“We provide a range of Engineering Courses.”


"We provide a range of Language Courses."

Our Courses

Our Teachers

  • Wenhong Dai

    Chinese Teacher
  • Lina Yuan

    Chinese Teacher
  • Lili Huang

    Chinese Teacher
  • Yafen Liu

    Technology Teacher
  • Jiacheng Liao

    Engineering Teacher
  • Daimei Yang

    Chinese Teacher

What our Student say

Being able to be a part of an experience that has allowed me to study and benifit from an internship, is indescribable. We have had a chance to study in accredited instutitions that are located in China. Thank you.



Ex. Student

ECETP201811 student

From the moment you step off the plane, you realize that for the most part, you experiencing a country rich in history and still developing. China is a beautiful country with so much to see and learn. Been a real blessing to be here so far.




ECETP201811 student

I love traveling, for me this has been a chance to experience another country and learn about the cultures of this country, while also having a progressive opportunity to enhance my own qualifications by doing a course in china



Ex. Student

ETECH201811 student